Tees Bay Pilots provide pilotage services in the Ports of Tees & Hartlepool.

Pilot services are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Each Pilot is a qualified Master Mariner and undergoes extensive local training over a five year period to become a Senior First Class Pilot.

Authorised by PD Teesport for the Tees Bay and ports of the Tees and Hartlepool, the Tees Bay Pilots Ltd co-operative is responsible for the safe navigational conduct of all vessels under pilotage in the district.

Our prime undertaking is local pilotage and ship handling, but also as a group we can offer expertise on wider maritime issues.


Compulsory Pilotage

A brief overview of compulsory pilotage vessels is listed below.

For the full Pilotage Direction please click here

Pilotage shall be compulsory for vessels when:

  • the OAL exceeds 95m OR;
  • the summer deadweight exceeds 4000 tonnes OR:
  • the gross tonnage exceeds 4000 tonnes OR;
  • the OAL exceeds 20m and the cargo(es) onboard are substances listed in the appropriate direction OR;
  • the vessel is in excess of 50m OAL and requires the serives of a tug OR;
  • the vessel is less than 50m OAL and requires the services of a tug, where a risk assessment carried out by the Harbour Master and Tees Bay Pilots so dictates.